Welcome to the culinary world of Tony Kocke, the newly appointed Complex Executive Chef at Sandton Hotel. With his experience and passion, Tony brings a blend of expertise and creativity to the culinary offering at the hotel.

Guided by a philosophy rooted in innovation and continuous improvement, Tony leads his team with a hands-on approach. He believes in setting the example, fostering a culture of growth, and honing skills to perfection.

Tony’s culinary pedigree boasts positions at establishments like The Dorchester Hotel, The Savoy Hotel, and The Beverly Hills Hotel. He was also a double winner of the Cape Legends Challenge. His creativity is balanced with expert level resource allocation and efficiency. Tony ensures that budgets are balanced while productivity is maximised.

Driving Tony’s culinary philosophy is a dedication to quality ingredients and meticulous preparation techniques which are nothing short of masterful. He champions the use of fresh, locally sourced produce, eschewing shortcuts in favour of authentic flavours and textures.

For aspiring chefs, Tony offers advice gleaned from his own journey: patience, perseverance, and a willingness to learn from the ground up. He understands the challenges young chefs face in today’s economic climate and encourages them to stay true to their passion.

Among his repertoire, Tony’s signature dish, Duck Breast with Port and Sour Cherry Reduction, stands out. Join us in welcoming Tony Kocke to Sandton Hotel. Expect a menu featuring dishes like Pork Belly and Lamb Rump.

Tony Kocke at Sandton Hotel
Experience the fusion of culinary excellence and innovation under the guidance of Executive Chef Tony Kocke at Sandton Hotel located at 5 Benmore Road, Benmore Gardens, Sandton, Johannesburg, or call +27 11 395 4777.