Chefs go wild for seductive nutrition


The Unilever Food Solution’s global Seductive Nutrition campaign for healthy and nutritious dishes that taste and look great, is gaining traction in South Africa among customers and chefs alike – in a range of restaurants and other eating establishments.

The campaign, now in its fourth year, was launched following a study in 10 countries where 5 000 respondents were presented with the same healthy dish described on two menus, one neutrally and the other seductively. The overwhelming preference was for the seductive description.

Craig Elliott, Unilever Food Solutions’ executive chef, says the buy-in to the campaign has been extremely encouraging. “Healthier choices remain a leading consumer trend globally – but seldom at the expense of taste, which continues to be the leading factor in food choices. This is where Seductive Nutrition is winning fans – it’s all about taste and health.”

The latest Seductive Nutrition booklet, Edition 4, developed and produced by UFS, gives practical advice and guidance on developing menus to attract and entice old and new customers with healthier dishes, equal in taste, value for money, and as filling as more indulgent menu options. Explains Elliott, “With an increasing number of people living with high blood pressure, diabetes and life-threatening diseases, people are consciously trying to make healthier lifestyle choices every day with popular trends such as Banting and veganism. Serving customers their favourite meals with higher nutritional content, without compromising on their taste experience or the appetising presentation, is a responsibility that Unilever Food Solutions is committed to assisting chefs with.”

The booklet also features a range of healthy, delicious and visually appealing recipes developed by Unilever Food Solutions’ chefs and nutritionists for food service operators to use for their clientele. These include dishes such as Lamb Rogan Josh; Zesty lemon and herb crusted hake; Zucchini al forno; Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and rosemary jus; Crispy salmon on rice noodle chicken stir-fry; Mildly spiced grilled chicken quarters; Hearty beef stew with butterbeans and veggies; Cream, spinach, mushroom and chicken mieliepap pie; Pan-fried herb fish cakes; and Baked meatballs in tomato concassé.

Jameela Davids of the Woolworths DC Montague Gardens catering team and her staff recently enjoyed chef training by UFS in Seductive Nutrition cooking. She says her team only uses the Seductive Nutrition menu selections and recipe books, “and our customers love the meals we provide!” Davids adds that the training has also improved cooking skills in the kitchen as well as health and safety behaviour in the kitchen.

Joey Hugo, manager of Tyger Valley Clinic Burgundy Rose Catering, and her team were also trained by UFS in Seductive Nutrition. “We used the recipe book and made some of the recipes – and they were winners. We’re now only using the Seductive Nutrition recipe books and staff and patients are praising the food. Even our diabetics can also eat many of the Seductive Nutrition meals.” She thanked the Unilever Food Solutions team for the effective training and for the positive contribution to their operations.

“We look forward to introducing our Seductive Nutrition meals to many more food service operators, who in turn will be in a position to meet the expectations of a growing number of health-centric customers.”

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