Bartenders are always looking for the next big trend in cocktails. As gin-fever continues, the best thing you can offer your patrons this Festive Season is a premium sugar-free, guilt-free G&T – loaded with natural botanical flavours.

GIN-FEVER CONTINUES UNABATED – it’s not just the drink of the season, but perhaps the beverage trend of the decade. The only downside for many customers is that many commercial flavoured gins are loaded with sugar.

Enter Greenall’s Wild Berry and BLOOM Jasmine & Rose naturally sugar-free flavoured gins. Not only are they deliciously-flavoured and beautifully-packaged, both brands are distilled with ZERO SUGAR!

Health-conscious consumers are increasingly aware that some major brands of flavoured gin may contain up to 15 teaspoons of sugar! Now your customers can treat themselves to a G&T without the guilt – and the sugar.

Master Distiller, Joanne Moore, the  guardian of the original Greenall’s recipe and creator of BLOOM Jasmine & Rose and Greenall’s Wild Berry Pink, says: “We don’t use sugar in any of our Greenall’s gins, as I prefer to allow the botanical flavours to come through and provide a natural taste and sweetness that complements the juniper character.

“With our Wild Berry flavoured gin, the sweetness comes from the natural berry flavours infused with the gin, which is our Greenall’s Original London Dry. We work hard to balance the botanicals and natural flavours to create a smooth taste, so we don’t need sugar to mimic smoothness or mouthfeel.”

Unlike soft drinks producers, alcohol companies aren’t required by law to list sugar content on bottles, meaning consumers can’t tell whether a bottle contains sugar at the point of purchase. Yet research shows sugar content of alcoholic drinks is a major concern for 77% of consumers!

It helps that Greenall’s Wild Berry Pink and BLOOM Jasmine & Rose are exquisitely packaged, reflecting the premium quality of the brands, and the luxury that customers are looking for when treating themselves and friends to a fabulous dining experience.


Greenall’s Wild Berry Pink Gin 

A pioneer in flavoured gin, Greenall’s launched Wild Berry Pink Gin in 2014. The gin is made by distilling raspberries and blackberries with more traditional Greenall’s Gin botanicals.

Signature serve: Greenall’s Wild Berry Pink Gin is best enjoyed with premium tonic water and a mint and raspberry garnish.

 Tasting Notes:

  • Nose: Subtle red fruit balanced with rounded juniper notes and fresh citrus flavours.
  • Taste: Silky smooth opening that develops into rich camphor and citrus taste with an underlying fruity touch.
  • Finish: Medium length with a delicate sweetness.

BLOOM Jasmine & Rose Gin 

Combines BLOOM’s classic London Dry Gin with an infusion of Moroccan rose petals and East Asian jasmine flowers, to create a beautifully floral, sugar-free pink gin with a rich complexity of flavour. BLOOM Jasmine & Rose doesn’t have a fruity flavour so it’s quite unusual, plus it’s sugar-free!

Signature serve: Serve BLOOM Jasmine & Rose Gin over ice, topped with a premium tonic water and garnished with fresh blackberries and mint.

Tasting notes

  • Aroma: Distinctive aromas of jasmine flowers and rose petals, combining to create a beautifully floral and earthy fragrance.
  • Taste: Smooth and sophisticated with a touch of sweetness, complemented by floral notes that add a rich complexity, elevating BLOOM Jasmine & Rose above other pink gin.

BLOOM Jasmine & Rose is available at major wholesalers and retailers nationwide at R529. Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin is available at all major retailers and wholesales in South Africa at R189.

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