CloudDine franchiseFIAMME HOLDINGS HAS ANNOUNCED the launch of Cloud Dine – an online delivery-only franchise concept, based in Eastgate Mall, Johannesburg. The concept is based on delivery only and lower set-up and rental costs.

Described as the ‘restaurant franchise of the future,’ Cloud Dine joins the group’s other brands: The Fish & Chip Co and Maxi’s Grill, boasting 100 outlets.

The first CloudDine franchise outlet will service customers in the East Rand. “Kitchen set-ups are state-of-the-art, with a paperless business model and a plan to integrate the point of sale directly into accounting, labour and payroll modules,” says Gonzaga, non-executive director at Fiamme Holdings.

“Both customers and franchisees can rest assured of exceptional quality, variety and value – with a laser focus on delivery only by CloudDine.”

Says Gonzaga: “COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of online purchasing and home delivery to the extent that restaurant business models need to be re-imagined with delivery-only in mind.

“We have carefully considered the pain points in a franchisee’s life, and believe that a delivery-only restaurant model will address these. They stand to benefit from lower set-up costs as there is only a kitchen and no customer area to be fitted out, similarly these kitchens can be set up where there is a demand as opposed to prominent shopping malls, which translates into lower rentals.”

This makes for increased margins, lower risk, more efficient labour and production processes, and easier management. Delivery is outsourced to remove the burden of having to manage a fleet of bikes and drivers. 

Fiamme Holdings MD Jan de Beer says customers benefit too. “Customers benefit in three main ways:  First is choice – we have a large variety which means that families don’t have to always compromise between a pizza or a hamburger as they currently do. Second is speed of delivery, which is treated is treated as a second priority in traditional restaurants, whereas for us it is the whole business. Everything from prep times, packaging, and order accuracy is a priority, which means customers get hot food fast. Lastly is value: we add the cost of delivery into the price of the product, while most restaurants add on the delivery cost.

“Ultimately we want to optimise the work flow and management of the business such that our franchisees can own multiple outlets without needing massive back-offices as is currently the case.”  says De Beer.

Gonzaga added, “What’s exciting is that we have taken everything we learnt from all the business we have been involved in and started from scratch. That means we have not had to make too many compromises. We’re excited to be able to offer franchisees an opportunity to participate at the early stages of a new concept.”