Samsung aircon blows hot and cold

Samsung Electronics delivers air-conditioning that is effective in summer and winter, with specialised appliances that are able to heat rooms faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively than most heaters.

Samsung Electronics South Africa has vast experience in the development of air conditioning and has long been committed to creating cooling solutions that are both powerful and convenient, thereby ensuring optimum comfort for users. However, what many consumers are unaware of is the fact that Samsung air conditioners are equally effective at warming up a room and they can perform more efficiently than the average heater.

Although South Africa is renowned for its long, warm summers, when the winter hits, the cold can really affect internal living spaces. The traditional method of dealing with the cold is to use a bar or fan heater, but these products tend to work best as personal heating appliances and are less effective when attempting to warm an entire room.

Michael McKechnie, Director of Digital Appliances Group at Samsung Electronics SA, points out that Samsung’s air conditioners may have a reputation for being cooling appliances, but they are just as good when it comes to heating a room.

“You simply cannot obtain the same amount of comfort or efficiency in heating from another source, as these appliances are designed to control the entire room’s temperature. Moreover, an air conditioner allows you to maintain your desired room temperature more effectively too,” says McKechnie.

“Consumers may be concerned that an air conditioner will use more power, but even this is not necessarily the case. Our products have a built in inverter that sets the appliance to idle once the room reaches optimal temperature, switching on again only if the temperature drops below this level. A heater, on the other hand, is likely to remain on throughout the day in order to keep a room warm, so it clearly draws a lot of electricity.”

He adds that another, intangible benefit of using an air conditioner for heat is that by more consistently controlling the temperature of the room, you are less likely to get ill from constant changes in temperature. In addition, Samsung’s premium products have ‘Virus Doctor’ built into them. This technology promotes clean air through a simple plasma ion, which is able to kill more than 99% of germs in the air.

One concern consumers may have is that purchasing an air conditioner is a much larger investment than buying a simple heater. McKechnie suggests that it should be remembered that such an appliance will be useful throughout the year, heating rooms in winter but will also be able to cool them in the long summer months.

“Furthermore, although for new customers an air conditioner may be more costly than a simple heater, Samsung distributors have a finance scheme in place that will allow individuals to buy an appliance at a set monthly rate that includes a warranty, as well as a maintenance plan. This means they can get a high quality product, capable of serving their needs for many seasons to come, at a reasonable price.”

“Ultimately, Samsung is committed to creating air conditioning solutions that are not only powerful and convenient, but that ensure optimum comfort in both winter and summer, all while delivering peak energy efficiency, which translates into lower electricity bills for consumers,” concludes McKechnie.